Lesbians Are Not The Enemy Art Print

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It’s ridiculous that it even needs to be pointed out, but lesbians aren’t the enemy. They’re a huge part of the LGBT+ community and we owe a considerable amount to them. For whatever reason - be it misogyny, lesbophobia, patriarchy - there’s always this overlooming cloud that paints lesbians as toxic or an unworthy part of the community. It ranges from acting as if the needs of gay men and lesbians can be addressed in the same ways, to the desire to want to paint lesbians as TERFs or transphobes when this truly isn’t the case.

Lesbians face enough struggles from those outside the community and it’s vulgar that they be subjected to more harassment or vilification within it.

Lesbians have a long, varied, beautiful history within themselves and they add so much to the LGBT+ community at large - they always have done. Include lesbians in your outreach work, consider what they need from us as allies, depict them in your work as valuable and wonderful people and not as the enemy.

This is an unframed A4 (8.27” x 11.69”) art print, waiting and ready to be displayed however you see fit and however you feel best captures it’s design. It’s printed on high quality 300gsm white card stock with bright, carefully chosen ink colours and ships in a double-backed card envelope.